2 Things People Frequently Forget When Buying Teak Garden Furniture

People from different countries finally visit Indonesia to make sure that they get the best quality teak garden furniture. With knowledge that they obtain from book or website about teak wood, they confidently go to Indonesia and believe they can get the best one. Even, they can save much more money since they buy directly from the local furniture industry.

Is that all? Unfortunately no. Sometimes, they forget two things when they find out teak wood furniture in the best quality.

First is teak wood grade. Possibly, they have already read information about high quality teak wood. It has to be old. However, how do they measure the age of the teak? It is difficult, even impossible to measure the age of teak when it has become furniture. When it has been painted, even local people are not able to differentiate between young and old teak wood.

Therefore, teak wood furniture industry differentiates the quality of teak based on its grade. There are grade A, B, and C. It is frequently used by Jepara teak garden furniture industry when the client would like buy teak furniture. So, ask the grade before buying teak furniture.

Usually, teak wood grade A is import quality. Meanwhile, grade C is teak that is sold locally. It becomes the reason teak furniture in grade A is offered in higher price. However, it is not the only factor. The price is also influenced by how complicated the design or style.

Second is machine. It is much easier to make furniture made of steel, for instance. However, only high skilled carpenter can create amazing teak wood furniture. They use special machine. Jepara is famous with teak carved teak furniture. So, it is not about how to make chair and table, but more than that teak furniture garden carpenter want to make sure there is nuance of art.

In short, there are two things that you have consider about; quality based on the grade and beauty determined by machine. And you don’t have to worry about those things when you buy furniture from Jepara. Furniture industry will convince you that the furniture is made of high quality teak wood with artistic finish and appearance.

What about the price? Try to contact You can compare the price with another store. In fact, now you understand how to buy teak garden furniture which is made of truly high quality material. Then, you will never regret with your own choice.

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