Teak Furniture Jepara Indonesia

Teak furniture Jepara is one of the existing furniture company in Jepara, providing various kinds of high quality teak furniture and for various purposes such as houses, apartments, hotels to cafes with prices that are in accordance with the quality.

Teak wood furniture products are manufactured using teak base materials, a variety of models ranging from classical to modern and has specifications in accordance with the expectations of customers.
Furniture products are also in accordance with quality standards, by producing teak furniture that has been through several processes until delivery is done.

Teak Furniture in Indonesia

Jepara furniture is currently quite popular in the Indonesian market and overseas market. This furniture has a very good quality with specifications or quality materials and can improve the quality of each of these furniture.
From the basic materials of wood furniture commonly used such as:

• Teak wood
• Mahogany wood
• Sonokeling wood
• Acacia wood

The types of wood is commonly used as raw materials of wood furniture. Of all types of wood also has advantages and disadvantages of each. But the usage usually suits the needs and requests of the customers. For furniture from Jepara itself using teak furniture Jepara, this is not a secret anymore because teak is a prima donna in the world of furniture.

Viewed from peminatnya, teak furniture is very much and not only in Indonesia alone but already international level. The number of enthusiasts also because teak has a texture and fiber that will be full of decorative value. Teak wood is not only strong and durable, but can display the impression of elegance and luxury. No wonder many furniture from various companies that use teak wood raw materials to attract many customers.

Finishing Material Teak Furniture Jepara

For finishing material on wood is used as cover layer as the final result of finishing process. Wood finishing is the process of providing layers on the wood surface that is used in order to protect the goods, make wood more durable and provide a more beautiful or luxurious look.There are several kinds of materials for finishing that can be used on wood, such as melamine, teak oil, varnish, politure, burnt cat and water politur.

Melamine material has a more expensive price, not a little wood furniture that uses melamic finishing because of market demands. Because using melamine, furniture becomes more satisfying, luxurious and elegant impressed. But the use of melamine is only used in interior furniture.For teak oil material is a wood finishing material that is simple and easy to apply. Way by wetting cloth and given teak oil then smeared on furniture.

But finishing using this teak oil will not hold water and quickly fade, therefore need repetition in the process of spread. Varnish material is a material that has long been used to coat wood, the price is quite cheap and how to apply it very easily. Just flatten the varnish liquid on the furniture surface using a brush and let it dry. Finishing with lacquer aims to protect the furniture from scratches, sun heat, stains and water.

In addition, there are many more finishing materials that are usually used in other furniture or teak furniture Jepara. Politure materials are materials used by furniture craftsmen from ancient times until now. This material is in the form of yellow flakes, sticks and thawed using alcohol or spirtus. How to apply it by spraying manually or can use a brush. The more polish it will make the polture thicker and beautiful.

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