Not Only Reasonable Price Convincing You To Choose Suar Wood Furniture

suar wood furniture


It has to be admitted that suar wood furniture is not quite popular. Not to mention when it is compared to teak wood furniture. However, for the times being, there is high demand from foreign countries in which they want to have furniture made of suar. Is it right choice?

Indeed, it is right choice. Even, it can be the wise choice. Do you know why? Because teak wood furniture costs a lot. The price seems to be unreachable. Suar furniture comes as alternative for those who want to have artistic natural furniture made of wood. In terms of price, suar wood is cheaper.

However, it is not only about the price. Suar wood or Indonesia people call it Kayu Trembesi offers many advantages. When you like natural furniture, it is correct choice to have this one. The texture of this wood can be exposed well. Its natural color is white, unlike teak wood whose color is generally brown or black. By placing suar wood table or chair, your house looks so light because of natural suar wood color.

It is not all. Even though the price is cheaper than teak wood, it is as strong as teak. It has to be admitted that usually suar wood furniture is little thin rather than teak wood. However, when talking about strength, you don’t have doubt it.

Suar Wood Furniture In Indonesia

In Indonesia, it is not quite difficult to find furniture made of suar wood. It is due to the fact that suar wood can be found almost anywhere. Thank to God for His blessing because Indonesia is tropical country. Therefore, suar tree can be found almost in all region, especially in Java, Sumatera, Sulawesi, and Nusa Tenggara. However, the best place to find suar wood furniture is in Jepara. It is one of regions in Central Java, Indonesia. Actually, Jepara has been well-known as a region producing teak wood furniture for long time due to the fact that there are a lot of teak tress over there. Furniture industry is easily found there. However, for the times being, furniture industry business owners are trying to give another option. The furniture they make are still artistic but it is not made of teak. It is made of suar.

Therefore, if you like to redecorate your house and make some changes, you can consider to buy suar wood furniture. Even, it is the best option when you think that you only have limited budget.

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