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Choosing a guest chair product storage bench from Jepara furniture indonesia is one of the interesting ideas for you. This is because the product of teak chair Carving Jepara is one of the best products that will make your house look more special. We certainly know that choosing the right property is mandatory in order to have a special living room design.

This product is one of the excellent products for you where you will have an elegant guest chair with quality materials decorated with unique and classy carvings. Let’s see what is interesting from this one product.

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High Quality Storage Bench Material

Unique luxury  storage bench seats is one of our products are quite popular consumers recently. How come ? Judging from the name alone we already want to imagine how the form of this Round Sofa Seat. Yep, this chair has a round shape that is decorated with typical carvings of Jepara craftsmen who are quite famous, and supported by the best wood raw materials that will add a strong and luxurious element of this chair.

The ingredients of the guest chair is one of the things that may always be considered when one wants to choose a new guest chair. In this case, we dare to provide any warranty regarding the materials used in this product. Madura Shima model guest chair is made with high quality original teak material.

Teak is the best type of wood for a guest chamber property that will make the guest seat product stronger and last for years. Not only that, the teak materials used have experienced the process of removal of wood pest and optimum drying process so that the product will not easily fragile when used.

In addition, this seat will be covered with thick foam pads and wrapped with a cloth upholstery with a choice of motives are quite interesting, so that displays a unique and dynamic impression that will make you feel comfortable and feel at home sitting long in this chair. So in addition to strong and comfortable, this chair will make your room look more luxurious.

And using a fabric that is also qualified and very suitable for this furniture, whether you are interested in occupancy or maybe your furniture store who want to sell this storage bench? you have to order in bulk or you can order at random by combine with other furniture product like wadrobe, sofa, chair, or also rattan furniture

Product Specifications

Manufactured By
W 43.25″ / D 17.25″ / H 18.25″ / 37.49 lb. 
Gray Fabric 
Accent And Storage Benches  

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