Indoor Teak Furniture Indeed, you don’t want to buy low quality indoor teak furniture. However, you don’t have any experience about how to measure the quality of the wood. Now, you need to spare little time to master about it.

At least, these three factors have to be considered when you try to figure out whether the  teak furniture has low or high quality.

  • Age

Of course you don’t want to spend your money to buy indoor teak furniture in low quality, do you? Therefore, you have to make sure that the teak is old. Much older the indoor teak furniture, it is much stronger and durable.


How do you can age the teak? It is easy, actually. Old teak is darker. You can find there is layer whose color is brown or even black. When there are so many layers in dark color, the teak must be old and it is high quality teak.

  • Texture

Quality of teak furniture is not only measured from how old the teak used. It is also measured by the texture. Try to see texture of teak wood in detail. Are there holes? If you find hole in the teak wood, try to see the other teak furniture. Find furniture without any holes.

  • Price

High quality indoor teak furniture must be expensive. Compared to other kind of wood like mahogany, teak is more expensive. When it is selected as the material to make furniture, it is getting more expensive if the furniture looks artistic and iconic.

In short, it is not hard to find the best quality teak furniture for indoor. However, sometimes it is getting difficult when you can touch the teak directly. If you want to buy it online, make sure that the manufacture is credible. It is well-suggested that you buy indoor teak furniture from the place where teak wood is planted. For instance, you can buy it directly from Jepara. It is one of regency in Indonesia which is famous with teak furniture industry. In addition, it is not hard to find teak plants there. That becomes the main reason why Jepara is popular as city of teak wood furniture industry.

First of all, you have to decide kind of furniture you would like to have. It would be better if you have decide its style or its design. Contact Jepara indoor teak furniture manufacture email : , to make sure that you get high quality teak furniture.