looking for furniture rattan? indonesian rattan furniture is the best choice

looking for furniture rattan? indonesian rattan furniture is the best choice the beauty of woven rattan art that will complement the beauty of your dwelling decor.JeparaTak Furniture offers a variety of woven rattan with a style that suits your home design.

Jepara Teak production process is handled by experts in each division, starting from material selection, production process and finishing.

Rattan Synthetic Furniture is a company engaged in the field of rattan furniture from the city of Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. We produce a wide range of rattan products such as rattan guest chairs, rattan dining table chairs, rattan chairs and many other products. We always develop the design of our rattan furniture products from the needs of our customers.

All our indonesia rattan furniture is handmade products and is produced by highly skilled and experienced aesthetic hands so that it comes with a unique character. It is supported by a series of quality controls that include material selection, framing process, weaving process, coloring process and packing finishing process.


rattan furniture indonesia

indonesian rattan furniture always offer goods with very low cost but can give you the best offer, like we give offer to our friends because we have flexible policy to costumer, that is with system of negoisasi for product with grossir purchase, complete set of house , restaurants, hotels and so forth. Retail furniture stores often markup very high prices, due to adjustments to other costs that are not available to us.

the main rattan sofa bed is rattan furniture, such as rattan swing, rattan dining table, rattan lounger, daybed rattan, and other minimalist furniture products. Our rattan products with various furniture design such as carving furniture, minimalist furniture, We also follow the trend of furniture models that are booming, including vintage furniture models, shabby chic furniture, and some models of retro furniture. Rattan sofa is also very concerned about the artistic aspects of the product, both carving art and carpentry construction because we have indigenous people who have the talent Jepara carving art and also weaving rattan hereditary

We make sure that when you make a transaction ordering rattan furniture from us, all our customer service will always help and serve you wholeheartedly.

We also provides comfort shopping furniture and furniture online by using the original identity of the owner good name, full address and account number only on behalf of the owner MUHYIDDIN.

We are ready to assist you at any time to provide your project house, hotel or villa, or shop for wholesalers and retailers with our synthetic rattan and natural fiber furniture. For more information, please contact us directly.

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