Special Treatment for Indonesia Rattan Furniture That You Can Do By Yourself

Sometimes, there are people who cancel buying Indonesia rattan furniture since they don’t have any idea how to treat it well. When you have similar experience, it would be better for you to spare your time and learn how to do special treatment for rattan furniture. In fact, everybody can do it, not to mention you.

The Key: Don’t Make Rattan Get Wet So Long

It is different with teak wood furniture which has been protected with special paint. That kind of furniture can be placed in outdoor and you shouldn’t worry when it gets wet during raining season. When you buy high quality teak wood furniture from Jepara Indonesia, rain will not destruct the furniture.

However, you cannot do it with rattan. You should stay it away from the water. But, it doesn’t mean that you can use water to treat it.

The first thing that you have to is getting rid of the dust. Use feather duster to clean the surface of the rattan furniture from the dust. When you have done it, it is time to clean the small spaces using tooth brush. It is such an effective tool to clean the dust in the space which cannot be reached by the feather duster.

The next step is pouring the furniture with water. Then, pour detergent and rub with soft fabric. You have to remember that you should dry it up directly since rattan shouldn’t get wet so long.

The last is drying. It is not enough to dry it up using dry fabric. You can make the most of hairdryer. It would be better if you take rattan furniture outside in order that sunshine dries it naturally.

Now, you know how to treat Indonesia rattan furniture, don’t you?

Where To Buy Rattan Furniture

Where can you buy the most natural and artistic wood furniture? Of course in Indonesia. But the further question is which part of Indonesia producing high quality furniture made of wood? The answer is Jepara. It is a part of Central Java. Over there, there are a lot of furniture industries in which you can select rattan furniture according to your preference.

Good news is that rattan furniture is sold with lower price rather than teak wood furniture. Indeed, it is influenced by a lot factors like design, uniqueness, size, and many others. So, are you ready to hunt Indonesia rattan furniture?

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