Indonesia Furniture  – Now, those who run furniture business are so delighted to hear that Indonesia furniture is accepted well globally. However, there is something that has to be paid more attention. Not all furniture are accepted.

So, the question now is which furniture accepted in international market?

This question can be easily answered by knowing the latest news right now. Government has released new data about Indonesia furniture export. At least, there are two countries whose people are so excited with furniture made of Indonesia. They are Nigeria and the United States. In Nigeria, exporter stated that most of Indonesia furniture are sold in expo. Meanwhile, the United States still becomes the country which export value is number one.

However, it is not only Nigeria and the United States. England, Holland, Germany, South Korea, and France are so ready to import furniture for Indonesia.

Type of Indonesia Furniture Mostly Hunted

Like what has been explained before, it is not all types of furniture are accepted well in international market. The followings are criteria of furniture which is easily sold in other countries.

  • Materials

It has been so long time in which Indonesia is famous with wood furniture. Teak becomes the most popular one. However, it doesn’t become the only option. For the times being, people all around the world like natural furniture, but not only made wood. It can be made of rattan. In addition, this kind of material is cheaper.

  • Iconic but Elegant

Indonesia has been blessed with nature. We have various kinds of wood. And when the furniture is made of wood, it becomes so iconic and elegant. Even, most of people from other countries like to buy the most natural and iconic furniture. For instance, they like furniture which is made of original wood. It means that the shape is just like what the wood looks like. So, it has to be as natural as possible. It becomes so iconic yet elegant.

So, those who run in this industry has to be understand about it.

Wide-Opened Opportunity

Actually, the opportunity to export furniture from Indonesia is widely open. Frist, there is a support from government. Second, people all over the world have already shifted from modern into natural furniture. The last, they already know that Indonesia offer cheap yet incredible furniture.

Therefore, it is great time to expand business in international market. Make Indonesia furniture much more popular.