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Welcome  to indonesia furniture, we are under the auspices of CV kidin furniture, this site as an intermediary you as a furniture buyer and we as furniture manufacturers, as you know furniture has become a primary requirement for us, is not a secondary need, and now we present awesome furniture for those of you who are looking for furniture,

Since 2001 we produce world-class quality wooden furniture products focusing on Solid Teak Indoor and Outdoor Furniture, and also we are focusing on rattan furniture. We have further expanded our Customers based on exporting to countries all worldwide.

indonesia teak furniture

The best-selling and most sought-after products in the world include indoor teak furniture, and then teak outdoor furniture, teak garden furniture, as well as rattan furniture from us are also very popular in the market, many european and asian countries also order in

Our Teak Indoor Furniture Collection is simply divided into five categories, Beds, Dining Table, Buffets, Cabinets and Teak Dining Chairs. These collectionsare available in both simple design and fully ornamented furniture. Outdoor furniture includes Teak Garden Furniture has variousitem like Garden Chairs and Benches, Garden Tables and outdoor furniture sets e.g. Steamers and Loungers, Recliners, Teak Deep Seating, Garden Family Set. We also provide Teak Umbrella and other Teak Outdoor Furniture Accessories. Teak furniture is never made the house looks dull and old since it is suitable both for traditional-style and for modern-style house.

Our Experience About indonesia furniture

Talking about experience in terms of making furniture, of course, a lot, in terms of simple design but the construction of the construction that has been fitted to be strong also ever, and the design that we make ourselves imitated others and also copied the first, before the existence of foreign furniture company special exporting to european country, the craftsmen are very comfortable to work and also make new furniture designs also freely, but as the existence of the factory, the design we created not a month already appear in the showroom export furniture factory, the unhealthy competition like that which makes us growled and not freely in making new breakthroughs, and that’s a bit of our curhatan in our experience of making furniture.

But this time in this modern era we are not afraid to innovate, we the entrepreneurs continue to work in the business in the field of furniture jepara minimalist, with the online store and website as a proof of innovation that we do.

The Benefits of Buying Indonesia Furniture

  • Can make a booking online Without coming to Jepara

The first service that can be obtained from us is able to buy online via email. So, consumers are not bothered with the shopping process. Just access the website, select the product, contact the seller to place an order.

  • Receiving orders from all over the World

This is also a service that may be difficult to get from Offline Store. Wherever we are, then can buy furniture products from

  • Genuine Products Teak quality choice

This is a priority Indonesia Jepara furniture, which provides products with quality original teak materials for products purchased more durable, durable, and not easily damaged.

  • Product information

Information about products, product prices, product images, and various types of furniture such as various desks, various cabinets, guest chairs, dining chairs, minimalist chairs, minimalist set rooms, sofas, beds and so on are described in detail in order for visitors or potential customers come to Jepara Jepara furniture shop original website can get a complete clarity about the products offered.

  • Complete communication media

Communication is an important thing that must be owned between the seller and the buyer, this will support the smooth cooperation and sale and purchase transactions conducted, ranging from the order process, the order confirmation process and payment, the convenience to conduct complaints or consultations, and various other communication interests. It is owned by Jepara’s original teak furniture store with the availability of various communication options such as via SMS, phone, yahoo messenger, whatsapp, and email.

  • Catalog is available

Sometimes consumers do not immediately decide to buy while visiting the online furniture store. They prefer to see the product first, or show the product to ask for opinions from parents, family, or friends. This is very easy to do if you visit the original Jepara teak furniture shop, there are catalogs that can be downloaded along with the explanation of the price.

Indonesia Furniture Price

Jepara furniture many kinds of furniture from jepara minimalis to classic furniture full of carving. Price List Jepara furniture from cheap like minimalist furniture to expensive like classic furniture jepara. All prices depend on the level of difficulty of each of the furniture you ordered, but you need to know the price and also the money you buy for furniture jepara you will not be disappointed with the quality of construction, finishing and furniture from Jepara.

Jepara teak office and warehouse is located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. This warehouse is supported by production quality control. Furthermore, the production team consists of people who are reliable and professional in the field of furniture of course, and we juka empower supplier of furniture from around jepara.

it’s easy enough to contact us and if you want to order indonesia furniture Please just email your inquiry at or with the contact form, if you need more information about the specific type of furniture required as well. It will be our satisfaction to meet customer needs.