How to order our furniture?

Here are the steps to order furniture from us, you need to do the following 2 easy steps

1. choose the category of furniture you want


Choose the items you want.
Copy the PRODUCT ID below the pictures and paste it in an email.
Add the quantity.

Let’s say you want to order ten of the first chair on our teak seats range.
You should write BHQ-001 x 50 in your email.


after that, send an email with the product code / PRODUCT ID that has been listed on our product and quantities at So quickly we will respond with complete. You will know how many total volume and the amount of money you should pay. Everything will be answered in the e-mail will sent

and do not forget, Tell us where you live. We need to know where you want to receive the furniture. We will email you back with a FREE quote in less than 24 hours.

2. We Produce Your Furniture Order


After we agree with the quote, we will send you a sales contract.
After you sign this contract, we can start to produce your furniture.

To start the manufacturing we need a 50% Down Payment.


and we will enter in the manufacture of your order, We design and manufacture our own original furnishing products. We try our best to produce beautiful products to reflect our passion of design.



Pay The Balance You need to pay us the 50% balance when we issue the shipping documents.

Once we get the payment confirmation, we will load the goods on the cargo.


Then what are you waiting for? Choose immediately the product you want right now, and get furniture product from us