Grade A teak garden Furniture – When the rainy season as it is now added with water seepage everywhere, is one of the obstacles that often make the furniture becomes moldy. If if it is so will not want to clean your furniture so that the growth of the fungus is not growing rapidly and destroy all kinds of furniture you have. But do not worry, it’s easy to clean furniture from your furniture. You also do not need to spend very expensive to take care of furniture, even when it rains like nowadays.

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Furniture that is in the condition of the room is too cold and closed, easy to damp to arise mushroom and smelly. Well. how to solve it, but before you have to know a few things about the cause of it happening, like the parable “tub mushrooms in rainy season” to represent some thing that shows how naturally the growth of fungus in humid air conditions. humidity may fertilize the fungus, but not elegant if furniture or furniture made of particle board in your house also a place of fungal spores breed, From the location where the growth of wood furniture fungus species can be grouped 2 types of substarte and surface fungi.

Substrate mushroom is a fungus that grows in wood fiber substrate while surface fungus is a fungus that grows on the surface of paint film or coating layer such as minimalist furniture model made from multiplex, blockteack, blockboard.

How To Overcome Molded Furniture:

Then how to clean the moldy furniture that is in your home? Easy to clean the fungi that inhabit the wood furniture you have, see How to Overcome Molded Furniture And Tips Take care. Provide alcohol that has levels of 70-80 percent. Then grab a dry cloth. Use the cloth to wipe away the moldy furniture after you have dipped it with the alcohol you have. This method proved effective for eradicating fungi that are not extensively expanded.

If the fungus has grown very wide and spread then you should wipe the moldy furniture with a cloth that has been moistened with water. Afterwards, the furniture was dabed with a cloth soaked in alcohol. In this way the furniture will become free of mold and mold development on your furniture will be stalled altogether.

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Tips Caring For teak furniture

Before your furniture is moldy you should always clean the wood furniture you have. Treatment can be done by using odor absorbent and moisture absorbent. The tool you can find easily by buying it in the market. Next use LED lights or TL lights to keep your furniture dry and prevent mold growth in damp rooms. When summer has arrived do not forget to always dry your furniture periodically to prevent moldy furniture.

Keeping the room where your furniture is kept dry and not moist is also an effective way to avoid mildew that might attack your furniture. Try to always let the sunlight into your room and do not stick wood furniture directly to the damp wall so as not to cause the growth of fungus.