dining tables shabby chic

Dining Tables Shabby chic furniture is one of the antique-themed furniture but also looks cute. Duco White Color Dining Set Items is a set of antique furniture furniture with a stylish shabby chic design. In this set consists of 4 chab shabby seats that generally use a sofa model. In addition it is also given an additional 1 bench so as to give the impression of artistic and decorative in your dining room at home. Set furniture like this is able to restore an interior into a room that is antique and elegant. The white color of the duco finishing displays a vibrant brightness.

The main ingredient in this product is mahogany. Mahogany wood is known as good wood carpentry. This wood can be easily done as cut and shaped so that mahogany wood is widely used as raw material for making furniture. A very stable wooden cross section, this is the reason why mahogany is widely used in the furniture industry. The content of natural oil is low, making it so can dipfinishing paint duco model without the risk of leaving yellowish stain as in teak.

When compared to teak wood mahogany is one level under the teak wood. Mahogany wood has proven its strength and durability if processed properly and correctly. So you do not have to worry about the strength of mahogany.

dining tables shabby chic

Specification dining tables shabby chic

Mahogany Wood Materials
P 160 cm x L 90 cm x T 75 cm
Finishing Duco

We also serve the order with the material, size and finishing that can be tailored to your needs. Are you interested in this simple and elegant Dining Set Set? To order this dining chair, you can contact us at the contacts we have provided.

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