dining table set manufacturers

Dining table set manufacturers – Furniture is a home furnishings that includes all items, such as guest chairs, dining tables and cabinets. Furniture itself is usually made of wood, board to use the skin. But the most popular is the furniture with the main material of wood.

In Indonesia itself has quite a lot of wooden furniture entrepreneurs, especially teak carvings are very popular in the market. Both the Indonesian market up to foreign markets.

Dining table set manufacturers

Most furniture stores in Indonesia do use teak wood that has a durability long enough. Teak wood is also resistant to wood pests and to changes in the weather each day.

But not all furniture stores provide complete furniture for the buyers, unlike the Jati Jepara Guest Chairs complete store. Jati Jepara Guest Chairs provides seats with various products for the living room is very complete.

Of all the guest chair products that use teak to be better. In addition it has also been through the process of pest treatment and drying stage of the wood itself. In the carving is quite beautiful and has a sturdy or durable construction.

dining table set manufacturers From Jepara

Dining table set manufacturers is a store that sells furniture from Jepara carving teak. Whether ready-made or un-colored or crude. This store also serves the design of each buyer or custom product. As for the advantages of the store ranging from:

Price can be sold
Guaranteed & safe
Can order online & offline
Cheap order & quick response
Booking & payment is easy
Pay the postage when the goods arrive safely

For excess on the price, quite affordable. Because the price given on the guest chair directly from Jepara carving craftsman city.

For safe warranty on every shipment will be included color plugs in case if furniture blisters and goods can be returned if there is fatal damage. The damage will be covered 100% by delivery and the item will be sent back if it is good.

How to Oder dining table set ?

For ordering or order furniture can be done offline or online. While ordering online can visit the website at to see product details or contact the contact number on the website. Such as phone number at 0896 3583 6633, WA at 0896 3583 6633, email

At this stage of the booking process this guest chair from preparing raw goods, service process, coloring, gasket and delivery of goods to the services of the available transportation packages.

At the stage of preparing the raw goods, order goods from consumers will be prepared first before color is given. Goods will be dried and dried if the raw stock still needs to be dried. Since drought from wood itself is the main thing, it has enough risk of teak to be broken and the other if the wood drought is lacking.

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