Different Types of Teak Garden Furniture Indonesia You Have To Know About

It is weird that there is someone cancel to buy teak garden furniture Indonesia due to its price. They think that the price is unreasonable. It is too expensive, according to them. In fact, not all teak furniture is sold in expensive price. Even, now you can find teak garden furniture sold in reasonable price.

Indeed, there are a lot of factors determining teak furniture price. However, you have to know that the most influencing factor is teak wood itself. In this case, it comes in different types. And each type has advantages and disadvantages. And of course it is offered in different price.

Three Different Types of Teak Furniture Indonesia

In general, Indonesia furniture industry differentiates teak wood into three types.

  • Society or Community Teak Wood

It is kind of teak that is planted and grown by general people. It is planted naturally. However, it doesn’t mean that it has lower quality rather than two other types of teak wood. Even, it is much better and stronger since usually it is harvested when it has been 20 till 25 years old. And much older the teak, it is getting stronger.

In addition, community teak wood is frequently sold in lower price. However, you have to be selective since sometimes the teak is not straight. There are a lot of bends.

  • Golden Teak Wood

Some furniture industry like to choose this kind of teak wood. Do you know why? The first reason is price. Sometimes, it is cheaper rather than two others types. And the other reason is that it can be harvested in short period of time. We don’t need to wait till 20 years old. It can be cut down when it reach 7 – 10 years old.

However, it is ashamed to let you know that the quality of this golden teak garden furniture is not quite good.

  • Department of Forestry Teak Wood

It is type of teak wood that planted, grown, and managed by the department. Indeed, it has great quality since only high quality seeds are planted. And then, you can guess that the price is so expensive.

So, which type of teak wood garden furntuire do you want to buy?

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