Teak Furniture Jepara Indonesia


Teak furniture Jepara is one of the existing furniture company in Jepara, providing various kinds of high quality teak furniture and for various purposes such as houses, apartments, hotels to cafes with prices that are in accordance with the quality.

Teak wood furniture products are manufactured using teak base materials, a variety of models ranging from classical to modern and has specifications in accordance with the expectations of customers.
Furniture products are also in accordance with quality standards, by producing teak furniture that has been through several processes until delivery is done.

Teak Furniture in Indonesia

Jepara furniture is currently quite popular in the Indonesian market and overseas market. This furniture has a very good quality with specifications or quality materials and can improve the quality of each of these furniture.
From the basic materials of wood furniture commonly used such as:

• Teak wood
• Mahogany wood
• Sonokeling wood
• Acacia wood

The types of wood is commonly used as raw materials of wood furniture. Of all types of wood also has advantages and disadvantages of each. But the usage usually suits the needs and requests of the customers. For furniture from Jepara itself using teak furniture Jepara, this is not a secret anymore because teak is a prima donna in the world of furniture.

Viewed from peminatnya, teak furniture is very much and not only in Indonesia alone but already international level. The number of enthusiasts also because teak has a texture and fiber that will be full of decorative value. Teak wood is not only strong and durable, but can display the impression of elegance and luxury. No wonder many furniture from various companies that use teak wood raw materials to attract many customers.

Finishing Material Teak Furniture Jepara

For finishing material on wood is used as cover layer as the final result of finishing process. Wood finishing is the process of providing layers on the wood surface that is used in order to protect the goods, make wood more durable and provide a more beautiful or luxurious look.There are several kinds of materials for finishing that can be used on wood, such as melamine, teak oil, varnish, politure, burnt cat and water politur.

Melamine material has a more expensive price, not a little wood furniture that uses melamic finishing because of market demands. Because using melamine, furniture becomes more satisfying, luxurious and elegant impressed. But the use of melamine is only used in interior furniture.For teak oil material is a wood finishing material that is simple and easy to apply. Way by wetting cloth and given teak oil then smeared on furniture.

But finishing using this teak oil will not hold water and quickly fade, therefore need repetition in the process of spread. Varnish material is a material that has long been used to coat wood, the price is quite cheap and how to apply it very easily. Just flatten the varnish liquid on the furniture surface using a brush and let it dry. Finishing with lacquer aims to protect the furniture from scratches, sun heat, stains and water.

In addition, there are many more finishing materials that are usually used in other furniture or teak furniture Jepara. Politure materials are materials used by furniture craftsmen from ancient times until now. This material is in the form of yellow flakes, sticks and thawed using alcohol or spirtus. How to apply it by spraying manually or can use a brush. The more polish it will make the polture thicker and beautiful.

Different Reasons Why People Love Teak Furniture Indonesia. What Yours?

Different Reasons Why People Love Teak Furniture Indonesia. What Yours?


This might be the time for you to look for the best teak furniture Indonesia. Do you need to visit Indonesia? Probably, if you have time or you also want to visit some beautiful places in Indonesia for holiday, spare your time to visit Jepara. It has a lot of tourism objects. Besides, you can see teak furniture industry almost in every village there. It is due to the fact that Jepara has great teak in Indonesia. It makes community creating and selling furniture from teak wood.

However, there is one question that you have to answer in advance. What is the reason you decide to buy teak furniture from Indonesia. Some people give different reasons as follow. Possibly, one of them is yours.

This is the reason teak furniture becomes the main choice

The Price Varies

There is a miss-conception about Indonesia teak wood furniture. Some people said that it is highly expensive. In one side, it is true. But, it would be better if you see from another side of point of view.

It has be understood that the price of teak furniture varies. It can be expensive and it also can be so cheap. It is determined by a lot of factors. The thing that most people don’t understand is type of teak itself. In general, you have to know that teak is divided into three different types. They are community teak, golden teak, and department of forestry’s teak.

Artistic Texture and Color

Those who have sense of art might use this reason. Furniture made of teak wood looks so beautiful and artistic. It can be seen from the texture and color. There is timber on the texture of teak furniture. The sense of nature makes it so different with the other furniture made of different wood.


Do you know that Indonesia people love teak furniture since it can be sold in the future? When they have already had that furniture for ten, twenty, or even thirty years, it still can be sold. Therefore, there are a lot of old teak furniture are still valuable. They are still in good condition since the teak is so durable. So, it would be your consideration as well. When you want to redecorate your house and possibly teak furniture has to be replaced with a new one, you can sell it.

No Complicated Finishing Required

Sometimes, you have to pay a lot of money for finishing. For instance, you have to buy some different paint to make it great. For this teak wood, you don’t need to do that. It has natural and beautiful color and texture. So, the only thing that you have to do is giving small.

and how about you? are you preparing to get quality furniture from quality teak? why not, wait more, please contact us for the furniture you need at email: hello@jeparateak.com

Everybody Can Measure Quality of Indoor Teak Furniture

Everybody Can Measure Quality of Indoor Teak Furniture


 Indoor Teak Furniture Indeed, you don’t want to buy low quality indoor teak furniture. However, you don’t have any experience about how to measure the quality of the wood. Now, you need to spare little time to master about it.

At least, these three factors have to be considered when you try to figure out whether the  teak furniture has low or high quality.

  • Age

Of course you don’t want to spend your money to buy indoor teak furniture in low quality, do you? Therefore, you have to make sure that the teak is old. Much older the indoor teak furniture, it is much stronger and durable.


How do you can age the teak? It is easy, actually. Old teak is darker. You can find there is layer whose color is brown or even black. When there are so many layers in dark color, the teak must be old and it is high quality teak.

  • Texture

Quality of teak furniture is not only measured from how old the teak used. It is also measured by the texture. Try to see texture of teak wood in detail. Are there holes? If you find hole in the teak wood, try to see the other teak furniture. Find furniture without any holes.

  • Price

High quality indoor teak furniture must be expensive. Compared to other kind of wood like mahogany, teak is more expensive. When it is selected as the material to make furniture, it is getting more expensive if the furniture looks artistic and iconic.

In short, it is not hard to find the best quality teak furniture for indoor. However, sometimes it is getting difficult when you can touch the teak directly. If you want to buy it online, make sure that the manufacture is credible. It is well-suggested that you buy indoor teak furniture from the place where teak wood is planted. For instance, you can buy it directly from Jepara. It is one of regency in Indonesia which is famous with teak furniture industry. In addition, it is not hard to find teak plants there. That becomes the main reason why Jepara is popular as city of teak wood furniture industry.

First of all, you have to decide kind of furniture you would like to have. It would be better if you have decide its style or its design. Contact Jepara indoor teak furniture manufacture email : hello@jeparateak.com , to make sure that you get high quality teak furniture.

Facts Why Indonesia Furniture Accept Globally Uncovered

Facts Why Indonesia Furniture Accept Globally Uncovered


Indonesia Furniture  – Now, those who run furniture business are so delighted to hear that Indonesia furniture is accepted well globally. However, there is something that has to be paid more attention. Not all furniture are accepted.

So, the question now is which furniture accepted in international market?

This question can be easily answered by knowing the latest news right now. Government has released new data about Indonesia furniture export. At least, there are two countries whose people are so excited with furniture made of Indonesia. They are Nigeria and the United States. In Nigeria, exporter stated that most of Indonesia furniture are sold in expo. Meanwhile, the United States still becomes the country which export value is number one.

However, it is not only Nigeria and the United States. England, Holland, Germany, South Korea, and France are so ready to import furniture for Indonesia.

Type of Indonesia Furniture Mostly Hunted

Like what has been explained before, it is not all types of furniture are accepted well in international market. The followings are criteria of furniture which is easily sold in other countries.

  • Materials

It has been so long time in which Indonesia is famous with wood furniture. Teak becomes the most popular one. However, it doesn’t become the only option. For the times being, people all around the world like natural furniture, but not only made wood. It can be made of rattan. In addition, this kind of material is cheaper.

  • Iconic but Elegant

Indonesia has been blessed with nature. We have various kinds of wood. And when the furniture is made of wood, it becomes so iconic and elegant. Even, most of people from other countries like to buy the most natural and iconic furniture. For instance, they like furniture which is made of original wood. It means that the shape is just like what the wood looks like. So, it has to be as natural as possible. It becomes so iconic yet elegant.

So, those who run in this industry has to be understand about it.

Wide-Opened Opportunity

Actually, the opportunity to export furniture from Indonesia is widely open. Frist, there is a support from government. Second, people all over the world have already shifted from modern into natural furniture. The last, they already know that Indonesia offer cheap yet incredible furniture.

Therefore, it is great time to expand business in international market. Make Indonesia furniture much more popular.

Indonesia Furniture Jepara

Indonesia Furniture Jepara


Indonesia Furniture

Indonesia Furniture or Jepara Furniture exclusive range of stunning indoor and outdoor furnishing for your garden, patio, backyard, living room, bathroom, bedroom, dining room and home office lifestyle. Best designs collections in a wide selection of styles and finishes offers the widest range of furniture with iredible price in Jepara.

It brings a remarkable online Jepara Indonesia furniture shopping experience, a solid wood furniture wholesaler have a staggering range of modern and cutting edge have large variety of customized home and garden furniture.

All Jepara Furniture Manufacturers exclusive range of vintage up to modern that make simple, useful quality with quite affordable wooden furniture in Jepara, Indonesia. A home furnishing company in Indonesia with an innovative, durable and stylish product range and authentic items. Style your Furniture with truly inspirational luxury with proven quality, comfort and antique looks as well as modern options. Jepara Furniture in variety of Designs and Styles furnishing homes in Indonesia with a lot of amazing one of a kind items to suit the diverse needs.
Jepara Furniture manufacturer supplying products environmentally responsible processes is recognized and praised all over the worldwide due to the various rich appearance and unique wood carving handcrafted designs.

Jepara furniture industry is personally selected from certified supplier and accredited under the Indonesian government’s rules. Indonesia Furniture premium wholesaler of solid teak garden furniture delivering the industrial moulded products having been continuously as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of antique reproduction and contemporary modern design handcrafted furniture.

Many kinds of teak wood material types, vary by colours, rich designs and supported fabrics. A variety of Jepara furniture across interiors and exteriors handcrafted with proven quality and stunning styles.


indoor teak furniture from jepara indonesia

indoor teak furniture from jepara indonesia


indoor teak furniture – Many people say that a person’s character in his or her social life can be judged by how they organize and treat the room in their home. Among the many rooms in the house, the dining room is one room where fellow residents and guests meet and chatting while enjoying the dishes on the table. Idealis election and display Furniture Chairs You have to do yourself, interior design help serves to provide input or advice for you, but the decision should be according to your taste. Realizing this, creating a dining room design complete with dining tables and chairs is an important thing to note.


Customize With Theme Interiors Dining Room

Choosing a indoor teak furniture mainly dining chair can not be done carelessly. Before deciding to look for a dining chair model, it would be nice if you look back at the theme of decorating the dining room you want to apply. You have to decide if you want to use a minimalist, modern, classic, antique, carving, oriental, or other interior style. Besides, you also have to think about the budget to buy the dining room furniture with a mature. This is because the beauty of the room is not only determined by Teak Dining Table Chair only, but also supporting elements such as Kitchen Cabinets or Kitchen Set, interior displays, Decorative Glass Teak also to put your collection of crystal dishes or glasses.

Liver Size With Your Dining Room Size.

The most important and the most important thing in choosing the Eating Chairs is by adjusting according to the size of your dining room, it is not correct if you choose a very large Table if your room is cramped. Prioritize login access to then adjust table size. 6 Chairs, 4 Chairs or 10-12 seats is a need that needs to be managed.

Application of a bench or long chair without a backrest could be an alternative if you have limited space but family members quite a lot. Model Seats This long bench is now more trend in big city city, besides maximize room turns this bench make your dining room look different like tent stall but at home. One sensation that can increase your appetite.

Modern Minimalist Design

There are many furniture chairs for the dining room that you can buy to suit the interior theme. One of the models chosen by most people is the Minimalist Dining Table Chair. This model is very flexible for your display in your dining room. Simple and elegant is the impression to be had if you choose this minimalist model.

You can choose a set of furniture to suit the conditions of your dining room. If your dining room is small and adjacent to the kitchen, you can choose furniture that consists of a table and four chairs. For his desk, you can choose to use a round table to avoid the risk of being knocked at the pointed end of the square table. Seats that are not sharp and easy to clean are also suitable for you who have small children. Spillage of food that falls into chairs and tables will be easy to clean and no imprint if you choose a chair from the right material and coating.

Carving Ethnic Design

The Dining Chairs Set Options Carving is also worth considering if you are an individual who loves handmade art, Jepara is a very popular teak carving town. The varied engraving shape adjusts the function of the dining chair itself. Leaf that spread in each arm of the chair combined with the beautiful flowers ceplok carved in the wood is a pleasure in itself.

Massive Antiques

If you are a fanatic of the Solid Wood-based Dining Chairs, then the solid furniture option becomes the first choice alternative. Table materials are very thick anti-nan into added value or Ultimate Advantage compared with a simple dining chair model. Generally this type of model uses Trembesi Wood. The natural ethnic impression becomes the scene that will be presented to you if you choose Solid Trembesi Minimalist Dining Table as your choice.

Classic Style

For those of you who have a classic home, you can choose a dining chair that has a sculpture on certain sides to put in your dining room. Sculptures on the side handle, backrest, and chair legs can add to the look of your kitchen space. You can also choose the narrow width of seat holder in accordance with the level of comfort that you and your family want. You need to know that a padded seat, side grip, and backrest are the best seats for those who often feel back pain from sitting too long.

Teak, Mahogany Or Trembesi ???

Most popular from Set Wooden Dining Table Set class of course with Teak Wood material, it is no secret anymore if Teak is the main material to form a work of quality furniture. This kind of chair is a curve