Storage Bench Unique And Luxury

Storage Bench Unique And Luxury


Choosing a guest chair product storage bench from Jepara furniture indonesia is one of the interesting ideas for you. This is because the product of teak chair Carving Jepara is one of the best products that will make your house look more special. We certainly know that choosing the right property is mandatory in order to have a special living room design.

This product is one of the excellent products for you where you will have an elegant guest chair with quality materials decorated with unique and classy carvings. Let’s see what is interesting from this one product.

bench storage

High Quality Storage Bench Material

Unique luxury  storage bench seats is one of our products are quite popular consumers recently. How come ? Judging from the name alone we already want to imagine how the form of this Round Sofa Seat. Yep, this chair has a round shape that is decorated with typical carvings of Jepara craftsmen who are quite famous, and supported by the best wood raw materials that will add a strong and luxurious element of this chair.

The ingredients of the guest chair is one of the things that may always be considered when one wants to choose a new guest chair. In this case, we dare to provide any warranty regarding the materials used in this product. Madura Shima model guest chair is made with high quality original teak material.

Teak is the best type of wood for a guest chamber property that will make the guest seat product stronger and last for years. Not only that, the teak materials used have experienced the process of removal of wood pest and optimum drying process so that the product will not easily fragile when used.

In addition, this seat will be covered with thick foam pads and wrapped with a cloth upholstery with a choice of motives are quite interesting, so that displays a unique and dynamic impression that will make you feel comfortable and feel at home sitting long in this chair. So in addition to strong and comfortable, this chair will make your room look more luxurious.

And using a fabric that is also qualified and very suitable for this furniture, whether you are interested in occupancy or maybe your furniture store who want to sell this storage bench? you have to order in bulk or you can order at random by combine with other furniture product like wadrobe, sofa, chair, or also rattan furniture

Product Specifications

Manufactured By
W 43.25″ / D 17.25″ / H 18.25″ / 37.49 lb. 
Gray Fabric 
Accent And Storage Benches  
Chesterfield Sofa For Your Home

Chesterfield Sofa For Your Home


Want an elegant and beautiful interior look? Use Chesterfield sofa This violet sofa is for your home or office. Actually this sofa is the same product with the previous product. It’s just different in the use of velvet cover bed covering it. Button motifs and white finishing are the same. Color like this is more suitable applied to the modern-themed interior. So impressive a classy sofa furniture that elegant and luxurious.

With our Jepara furniture manufacture for all furnishings products. provides a variety of collection of quality Chesterfield Sofa for your home space needs. We also provide a variety of styles and latest designs to meet the needs of customers to dream furniture.

Chesterfield SofaWe want to realize the dream of decorating in your home. Beauty, comfort, and warmth are the basic focus of every product we sell. We work with top manufacturers and manufacturers to become our partners in producing superior grade furniture. By combining modern and minimalist accents, the products we sell have aesthetic ideals that will warm your home atmosphere. More than that, we will ensure that the furniture designs are visually unique while remaining fully functional.

Brown Chesterfield synthetic leather sofa for large living room Series Chester wood frame Teak Jepara production. Guest chair minimalist this set of upholstery can use oscar skin or fabric and color according to your taste.

Chesterfield Sofa Specification

    Mahogany Wood Materials
Fabric Type Indoor Fabric
P 180 cm x L 75 cm
Finishing Duco

We also serve the order with the material, size and finishing that can be tailored to your needs.

How to Order Chesterfield Sofa from indonesian furniture ?

Are you interested in this simple and elegant Chesterfield Sofa product for your home or hotel? To order this Chesterfield Sofa you can order 30 pcs or can mix with other goods in 1 container 40 HC, you can contact us at email contact

dining tables shabby chic

dining tables shabby chic


Dining Tables Shabby chic furniture is one of the antique-themed furniture but also looks cute. Duco White Color Dining Set Items is a set of antique furniture furniture with a stylish shabby chic design. In this set consists of 4 chab shabby seats that generally use a sofa model. In addition it is also given an additional 1 bench so as to give the impression of artistic and decorative in your dining room at home. Set furniture like this is able to restore an interior into a room that is antique and elegant. The white color of the duco finishing displays a vibrant brightness.

The main ingredient in this product is mahogany. Mahogany wood is known as good wood carpentry. This wood can be easily done as cut and shaped so that mahogany wood is widely used as raw material for making furniture. A very stable wooden cross section, this is the reason why mahogany is widely used in the furniture industry. The content of natural oil is low, making it so can dipfinishing paint duco model without the risk of leaving yellowish stain as in teak.

When compared to teak wood mahogany is one level under the teak wood. Mahogany wood has proven its strength and durability if processed properly and correctly. So you do not have to worry about the strength of mahogany.

dining tables shabby chic

Specification dining tables shabby chic

Mahogany Wood Materials
P 160 cm x L 90 cm x T 75 cm
Finishing Duco

We also serve the order with the material, size and finishing that can be tailored to your needs. Are you interested in this simple and elegant Dining Set Set? To order this dining chair, you can contact us at the contacts we have provided.