2 Things People Frequently Forget When Buying Teak Garden Furniture

2 Things People Frequently Forget When Buying Teak Garden Furniture


People from different countries finally visit Indonesia to make sure that they get the best quality teak garden furniture. With knowledge that they obtain from book or website about teak wood, they confidently go to Indonesia and believe they can get the best one. Even, they can save much more money since they buy directly from the local furniture industry.

Is that all? Unfortunately no. Sometimes, they forget two things when they find out teak wood furniture in the best quality.

First is teak wood grade. Possibly, they have already read information about high quality teak wood. It has to be old. However, how do they measure the age of the teak? It is difficult, even impossible to measure the age of teak when it has become furniture. When it has been painted, even local people are not able to differentiate between young and old teak wood.

Therefore, teak wood furniture industry differentiates the quality of teak based on its grade. There are grade A, B, and C. It is frequently used by Jepara teak garden furniture industry when the client would like buy teak furniture. So, ask the grade before buying teak furniture.

Usually, teak wood grade A is import quality. Meanwhile, grade C is teak that is sold locally. It becomes the reason teak furniture in grade A is offered in higher price. However, it is not the only factor. The price is also influenced by how complicated the design or style.

Second is machine. It is much easier to make furniture made of steel, for instance. However, only high skilled carpenter can create amazing teak wood furniture. They use special machine. Jepara is famous with teak carved teak furniture. So, it is not about how to make chair and table, but more than that teak furniture garden carpenter want to make sure there is nuance of art.

In short, there are two things that you have consider about; quality based on the grade and beauty determined by machine. And you don’t have to worry about those things when you buy furniture from Jepara. Furniture industry will convince you that the furniture is made of high quality teak wood with artistic finish and appearance.

What about the price? Try to contact www.jeparateak.com. You can compare the price with another store. In fact, now you understand how to buy teak garden furniture which is made of truly high quality material. Then, you will never regret with your own choice.

Teak Furniture Jepara Indonesia


Teak furniture Jepara is one of the existing furniture company in Jepara, providing various kinds of high quality teak furniture and for various purposes such as houses, apartments, hotels to cafes with prices that are in accordance with the quality.

Teak wood furniture products are manufactured using teak base materials, a variety of models ranging from classical to modern and has specifications in accordance with the expectations of customers.
Furniture products are also in accordance with quality standards, by producing teak furniture that has been through several processes until delivery is done.

Teak Furniture in Indonesia

Jepara furniture is currently quite popular in the Indonesian market and overseas market. This furniture has a very good quality with specifications or quality materials and can improve the quality of each of these furniture.
From the basic materials of wood furniture commonly used such as:

• Teak wood
• Mahogany wood
• Sonokeling wood
• Acacia wood

The types of wood is commonly used as raw materials of wood furniture. Of all types of wood also has advantages and disadvantages of each. But the usage usually suits the needs and requests of the customers. For furniture from Jepara itself using teak furniture Jepara, this is not a secret anymore because teak is a prima donna in the world of furniture.

Viewed from peminatnya, teak furniture is very much and not only in Indonesia alone but already international level. The number of enthusiasts also because teak has a texture and fiber that will be full of decorative value. Teak wood is not only strong and durable, but can display the impression of elegance and luxury. No wonder many furniture from various companies that use teak wood raw materials to attract many customers.

Finishing Material Teak Furniture Jepara

For finishing material on wood is used as cover layer as the final result of finishing process. Wood finishing is the process of providing layers on the wood surface that is used in order to protect the goods, make wood more durable and provide a more beautiful or luxurious look.There are several kinds of materials for finishing that can be used on wood, such as melamine, teak oil, varnish, politure, burnt cat and water politur.

Melamine material has a more expensive price, not a little wood furniture that uses melamic finishing because of market demands. Because using melamine, furniture becomes more satisfying, luxurious and elegant impressed. But the use of melamine is only used in interior furniture.For teak oil material is a wood finishing material that is simple and easy to apply. Way by wetting cloth and given teak oil then smeared on furniture.

But finishing using this teak oil will not hold water and quickly fade, therefore need repetition in the process of spread. Varnish material is a material that has long been used to coat wood, the price is quite cheap and how to apply it very easily. Just flatten the varnish liquid on the furniture surface using a brush and let it dry. Finishing with lacquer aims to protect the furniture from scratches, sun heat, stains and water.

In addition, there are many more finishing materials that are usually used in other furniture or teak furniture Jepara. Politure materials are materials used by furniture craftsmen from ancient times until now. This material is in the form of yellow flakes, sticks and thawed using alcohol or spirtus. How to apply it by spraying manually or can use a brush. The more polish it will make the polture thicker and beautiful.

The Most Recommended Indonesia Garden Furniture for Outdoor

The Most Recommended Indonesia Garden Furniture for Outdoor


Though you can easily find Indonesia garden furniture, it doesn’t mean that you surly get the best one. Especially when you want to decorate your outdoor space with wood furniture, indeed you have to make sure that the furniture is highly durable. It is due to the fact that it will be exposed outdoor. It get sunshine and rain. Like what you have already known that water can be said as enemy for wood.

So, what do you have to do? In this case, it is strongly suggested that you are not in hurry while finding the best outdoor garden furniture Indonesia.

Teak Is Still The Best

It has been so popular that Indonesia is teak furniture producer. It has a lot of teak trees growing there Indonesia. And the most important region producing many furniture made of teak wood is Jepara. It is a part of Central Java province. Almost all people right there are carpenters. They have skill to make beautiful and artistic furniture from teak wood.

The question is why teak is recommended for outdoor. It has been noticed that teak has nice color and lines on the surface. Those actually what make this wood is wanted by a lot of people. However, only few people understand that teak wood is durable even though it is placed outdoor and get wet during raining season. It contains oil which makes it resistant toward water. That is why you shouldn’t worry when you put it outdoor.

Now, you can start hunting any kind of furniture made of teak wood for your garden, for instance. You can create hang out area that you need to bench, table, or lazy chair which is made of teak wood.

Furniture Should Be Protected

Even though it would be any problem when teak wood furniture gets wet because of raining, it needs protection. It will make you sure that furniture is highly durable.

When you try to buy outdoor Indonesia garden furniture, it is better for you to see whether it is painted with protector paint or not. There is a special paint whose function is to protect wood from water. Therefore, furniture can be used for long time even though it exposes to water.

Now, you have another alternative when you are trying to redecorate your garden. Furniture made of steel is not the only option. You can order Indonesia garden furniture right now.

Teak Furniture Wholesale is Not Always About Low Price

Teak Furniture Wholesale is Not Always About Low Price


Those who have restaurant, hotel, or any kind of business similar to them love to buy teak furniture wholesale. Even, the business owners go visiting Indonesia directly to find, see, and select furniture sold wholesale. They might cost a lot since they have to travel from their country to Indonesia. They have to spend couple of days to find out the furniture wholesale. However, it is not matter since they can get teak furniture in low price.

It is that all? Of course not. Besides low price, these are the things that you can get.


When you visit the teak furniture industry in Jepara (one of regions in Central Java which is famous with teak furniture industry), you might be confused to select because there are various types of furniture in different style. There are a lot of chairs, tables, and benches which are made of teak wood but they are different in color, style, design, finishing, and many others.

It would be better for you to determine what kind of teak furniture you want to have. You can discuss with the carpenter directly and negotiate about the price since you want to buy teak furniture wholesale.

Artistic Side

Of course when you buy teak chair, you don’t want to make it as furniture to sit. It should give artistic view to the space. And when you want to like that, it is correct decision when you are visiting Jepara. Besides enjoying beautiful attractions there, you can meet directly to teak furniture industry. You will be invited to see teak furniture collection. Over there, you can select the most artistic teak furniture.


For the times being, teak wood furniture has been exported to several countries. Possibly, you can easily find it in your country. However, the question is that is it always available. Sometimes, it is limited. Sometimes, there is available but only few.

Willy-nilly, you need to contact teak furniture seller from Indonesia. Like what has been explained before, it would be better for you to buy furniture made of teak wood from Jepara. It has been famous as a place where a lot of teak furniture is created. In addition, it has international quality that makes it exported to some different countries.

So, what are you waiting for? Now, you know what you have to do when you want to buy teak furniture wholesale.

Not Only Reasonable Price Convincing You To Choose Suar Wood Furniture

suar wood furniture

It has to be admitted that suar wood furniture is not quite popular. Not to mention when it is compared to teak wood furniture. However, for the times being, there is high demand from foreign countries in which they want to have furniture made of suar. Is it right choice?

Indeed, it is right choice. Even, it can be the wise choice. Do you know why? Because teak wood furniture costs a lot. The price seems to be unreachable. Suar furniture comes as alternative for those who want to have artistic natural furniture made of wood. In terms of price, suar wood is cheaper.

However, it is not only about the price. Suar wood or Indonesia people call it Kayu Trembesi offers many advantages. When you like natural furniture, it is correct choice to have this one. The texture of this wood can be exposed well. Its natural color is white, unlike teak wood whose color is generally brown or black. By placing suar wood table or chair, your house looks so light because of natural suar wood color.

It is not all. Even though the price is cheaper than teak wood, it is as strong as teak. It has to be admitted that usually suar wood furniture is little thin rather than teak wood. However, when talking about strength, you don’t have doubt it.

Suar Wood Furniture In Indonesia

In Indonesia, it is not quite difficult to find furniture made of suar wood. It is due to the fact that suar wood can be found almost anywhere. Thank to God for His blessing because Indonesia is tropical country. Therefore, suar tree can be found almost in all region, especially in Java, Sumatera, Sulawesi, and Nusa Tenggara. However, the best place to find suar wood furniture is in Jepara. It is one of regions in Central Java, Indonesia. Actually, Jepara has been well-known as a region producing teak wood furniture for long time due to the fact that there are a lot of teak tress over there. Furniture industry is easily found there. However, for the times being, furniture industry business owners are trying to give another option. The furniture they make are still artistic but it is not made of teak. It is made of suar.

Therefore, if you like to redecorate your house and make some changes, you can consider to buy suar wood furniture. Even, it is the best option when you think that you only have limited budget.

Different Types of Teak Garden Furniture Indonesia You Have To Know About


It is weird that there is someone cancel to buy teak garden furniture Indonesia due to its price. They think that the price is unreasonable. It is too expensive, according to them. In fact, not all teak furniture is sold in expensive price. Even, now you can find teak garden furniture sold in reasonable price.

Indeed, there are a lot of factors determining teak furniture price. However, you have to know that the most influencing factor is teak wood itself. In this case, it comes in different types. And each type has advantages and disadvantages. And of course it is offered in different price.

Three Different Types of Teak Furniture Indonesia

In general, Indonesia furniture industry differentiates teak wood into three types.

  • Society or Community Teak Wood

It is kind of teak that is planted and grown by general people. It is planted naturally. However, it doesn’t mean that it has lower quality rather than two other types of teak wood. Even, it is much better and stronger since usually it is harvested when it has been 20 till 25 years old. And much older the teak, it is getting stronger.

In addition, community teak wood is frequently sold in lower price. However, you have to be selective since sometimes the teak is not straight. There are a lot of bends.

  • Golden Teak Wood

Some furniture industry like to choose this kind of teak wood. Do you know why? The first reason is price. Sometimes, it is cheaper rather than two others types. And the other reason is that it can be harvested in short period of time. We don’t need to wait till 20 years old. It can be cut down when it reach 7 – 10 years old.

However, it is ashamed to let you know that the quality of this golden teak garden furniture is not quite good.

  • Department of Forestry Teak Wood

It is type of teak wood that planted, grown, and managed by the department. Indeed, it has great quality since only high quality seeds are planted. And then, you can guess that the price is so expensive.

So, which type of teak wood garden furntuire do you want to buy?

Regardless different types, Jepara teak wood is unbeatable. It has been long time Jepara is considered as the region that makes the best teak garden furniture Indonesia. lets inquiry hello@jeparateak.com

Different Reasons Why People Love Teak Furniture Indonesia. What Yours?

Different Reasons Why People Love Teak Furniture Indonesia. What Yours?


This might be the time for you to look for the best teak furniture Indonesia. Do you need to visit Indonesia? Probably, if you have time or you also want to visit some beautiful places in Indonesia for holiday, spare your time to visit Jepara. It has a lot of tourism objects. Besides, you can see teak furniture industry almost in every village there. It is due to the fact that Jepara has great teak in Indonesia. It makes community creating and selling furniture from teak wood.

However, there is one question that you have to answer in advance. What is the reason you decide to buy teak furniture from Indonesia. Some people give different reasons as follow. Possibly, one of them is yours.

This is the reason teak furniture becomes the main choice

The Price Varies

There is a miss-conception about Indonesia teak wood furniture. Some people said that it is highly expensive. In one side, it is true. But, it would be better if you see from another side of point of view.

It has be understood that the price of teak furniture varies. It can be expensive and it also can be so cheap. It is determined by a lot of factors. The thing that most people don’t understand is type of teak itself. In general, you have to know that teak is divided into three different types. They are community teak, golden teak, and department of forestry’s teak.

Artistic Texture and Color

Those who have sense of art might use this reason. Furniture made of teak wood looks so beautiful and artistic. It can be seen from the texture and color. There is timber on the texture of teak furniture. The sense of nature makes it so different with the other furniture made of different wood.


Do you know that Indonesia people love teak furniture since it can be sold in the future? When they have already had that furniture for ten, twenty, or even thirty years, it still can be sold. Therefore, there are a lot of old teak furniture are still valuable. They are still in good condition since the teak is so durable. So, it would be your consideration as well. When you want to redecorate your house and possibly teak furniture has to be replaced with a new one, you can sell it.

No Complicated Finishing Required

Sometimes, you have to pay a lot of money for finishing. For instance, you have to buy some different paint to make it great. For this teak wood, you don’t need to do that. It has natural and beautiful color and texture. So, the only thing that you have to do is giving small.

and how about you? are you preparing to get quality furniture from quality teak? why not, wait more, please contact us for the furniture you need at email: hello@jeparateak.com

suar wood dining table

suar wood dining table



You may have heard of wood flare or suar wood diniong table ? or maybe you are currently looking for that wood for you to make furniture products?

Suar Wood  or also known as wood Trembesi and meh is the name for the same wood, wood flares are alternative wood is quite good and cheaper than the teak wood.

What is wood Suar, Trembesi and Meh?

About suar wood furniture, This wood comes from the genus Albizia, This type of wood can grow faster than the wood furniture material lainya circle of a very large tree up to 5 meters with an average height of 20 m to 30 m. In Indonesia this wood can be found from several areas on the island of Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Maluku and Nusa Tenggara.

Each region called this wood with different designation as in most people commonly call it as wood Trembesi, namu in Bali called as wood flare, in Jogja Munggur wood in Jepara Kayu Meh and ancient people call it Joko Keset wood because of its size big and looks not tidy.

although sometimes our people tend to prefer furniture made of teak wood, but furniture made from wood trembesi is very attractive in the export market for furniture made from trembesi wood is very unique, in addition to wood fibers and patterns similar to wood teak wood can also be finishing natural without color so it looks a beautiful combination of brown and white

In addition to the beautiful patterns and textures of the furniture made of wood trembesi has a thick and large size features, and minimal connection, although on the leaves of the table with a diameter of 100 cm and length more than 3 meters though. giving rise to a natural and unique impression on meh wood furniture. hi this is because besides it meh has wood large size so that can freely wooden furniture craftsmen meh make solid furniture without connection. wood trembesi with a thickness of under 3 cm is also easily curved.

Characteristic of Trembesi Wood

The suar wood used in this  suar wood dining table has its own characteristics, most of Jepara furniture products and furniture that use Trembesi Wood has thick thickness of wood, because the robustness and strength is one of the characteristics of this wood, lately wood trembesi became the target of the furniture hunters, so many of the incoming orders to order this furniture product.

as a furniture manufacturer we also have a number of products other than teak furniture, one of which we will discuss this time, that is wooden flare, yes wooden suar wood is of a size large enough and often we see a dining table or meeting table made of flare wood itself, have you ever seen or heard of wood flare? yes suar wood is synonymous with furniture that is large enough, with beautiful fibers and natural finshing can beautify the quality of the suar wood  itself.

Everybody Can Measure Quality of Indoor Teak Furniture

Everybody Can Measure Quality of Indoor Teak Furniture


 Indoor Teak Furniture Indeed, you don’t want to buy low quality indoor teak furniture. However, you don’t have any experience about how to measure the quality of the wood. Now, you need to spare little time to master about it.

At least, these three factors have to be considered when you try to figure out whether the  teak furniture has low or high quality.

  • Age

Of course you don’t want to spend your money to buy indoor teak furniture in low quality, do you? Therefore, you have to make sure that the teak is old. Much older the indoor teak furniture, it is much stronger and durable.


How do you can age the teak? It is easy, actually. Old teak is darker. You can find there is layer whose color is brown or even black. When there are so many layers in dark color, the teak must be old and it is high quality teak.

  • Texture

Quality of teak furniture is not only measured from how old the teak used. It is also measured by the texture. Try to see texture of teak wood in detail. Are there holes? If you find hole in the teak wood, try to see the other teak furniture. Find furniture without any holes.

  • Price

High quality indoor teak furniture must be expensive. Compared to other kind of wood like mahogany, teak is more expensive. When it is selected as the material to make furniture, it is getting more expensive if the furniture looks artistic and iconic.

In short, it is not hard to find the best quality teak furniture for indoor. However, sometimes it is getting difficult when you can touch the teak directly. If you want to buy it online, make sure that the manufacture is credible. It is well-suggested that you buy indoor teak furniture from the place where teak wood is planted. For instance, you can buy it directly from Jepara. It is one of regency in Indonesia which is famous with teak furniture industry. In addition, it is not hard to find teak plants there. That becomes the main reason why Jepara is popular as city of teak wood furniture industry.

First of all, you have to decide kind of furniture you would like to have. It would be better if you have decide its style or its design. Contact Jepara indoor teak furniture manufacture email : hello@jeparateak.com , to make sure that you get high quality teak furniture.